Monday, March 27, 2006

Why You'll Use This Site

This site has been created to allow you to post your photos and comments related to PROBLEM bumper stickers. PROBLEM bumper stickers (currently available in the SWAG for Hard Times project, or by contacting or going to to order) allow you to label problems in public or private space.

Normally, bumper stickers adhered to actual bumpers address problems or possible solutions. They rarely refer to the problems of car use, oil use, environmental degredation and ex-urban sprawl that go hand-in-hand with car use. For that reason, my first PROBLEM sticker went on my car.

But these stickers come in handy in many situations! This is the place for you to post a photo showing how you've used your PROBLEM sticker to identify an issue that needs a solution - in your life, or in the world.

Isn't the first step toward solving a problem naming it?


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