Thursday, March 30, 2006

How to Post Here

Dear Participant,

In order to show the world your problem, click here . Once you do, you will need to sign in as The password is "ourprobs". [Note: you may need to sign out of your own gmail account to do this in order to log in here, as Blogspot will by default automatically recognize your own gmail address]. From there, you can post anything that the owner of the blog would post. You're the co-owner now.

Since your post will, by default, show up as having been written by "problem producer," you are guaranteed anonymity. If you want to be known to the world, feel free to introduce yourself in your posting.

Please post about anything connected to your use of PROBLEM bumper stickers. Please keep up the good work of critical inquiry. We thank you!


Blogger powderhorn said...

hey, i like the idea. i am a student at the u as well, and have already seen the problem stickers. i cant wait to call out some problems.

1:13 PM  

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